Bajis Breakfast (Eggs, Omelettes, Skillets)
Two eggs, choice of potatoes & toast$11.00
With your choice of: Bacon, Ham, Chorizo, Linguica, Kielbasa, Link Sausage, Burger Steak, Polish Sausage, LA Hot Sausage, Italian Sausage, Chicken Apple Sausage, Country Sausage$15.00
w/Corned Beef Hash$16.00
w/Chicken Fried Steak/Country Gravy$16.00
w/Rib-Eye Steak$19.50
Bajis’ Omelette Bar
Regular OmeletteChoice of one meat and cheese.$14.75
Cafe BuilderChoice of one meat, three vegetable items and cheese.$16.00
Cafe Quesdilla BuilderChoice of one meat, three vegetable items and cheese w/ beans and red potatoes.$16.00
Ham, Link, Bacon, Chorizo, Linguica, Chicken, Kielbasa, Corned Beef, Ground Beef, Chicken Apple, LA Hot Sausage$4.50
Extra Cheese$2.00
Olives, Onions$1.25
Spinach, Broccoli, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Bell Peppers$2.00
Ortega Chili$0.85
Sour Cream$1.75
Bajis’ Omelettes
Served with Country Cut Red Potatoes or Grated Hash Browns and Toast
Choice: All Omelettes Served also as Scramble or Burrito
1 CaféHam, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. $15.75
2 Meat LoversBacon, chorizo, ham, and link sausage with jack cheese. $17.00
3 Sierra Vista VegetarianAvocado, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, and jack cheese.$15.75
4 Middlefield SpecialFresh ground beef sautéed with bell peppers, olives, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.$15.75
5 San Antonio ExpressOnions, tomatoes, homemade chili and cheddar cheese.$15.75
6 ColoradoDiced ham, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mild salsa.$15.75
7 Health Nut ScrambleChicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and jack cheese, served w/ red potatoes.$15.75
8 Loma VerdeBacon, avocado, onions, jack cheese and mild salsa$15.75
9 Southern Palo AltanLinguica with mushrooms, diced onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, jack cheese and mild salsa.$15.75
10 Shoreline ExecutiveGround beef, sliced avocado, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jack cheese and mild salsa.$15.75
11 Central ExpresswayKielbasa, tomatoes, avocado, onions, mushrooms, jack cheese and mild salsa. $15.75
12 Bajis Signature ScrambleBajis favorite. Everything but the kitchen sink that will satisfy your taste buds. Cooks choice only!$17.00
112 Vegetarian DelightFalafel, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese.$15.75
113 Cross the BorderChorizo, tomatoes, onions, jalapeño, jack cheese and mild salsa. $15.75
114 Charleston WayGround beef, spinach, mushroom, onions and jack cheese. $15.75
Authentic Mexican Breakfast
Includes: Eggs any style, beans, Red Potatoes or Grated Hash Browns and corn or flour tortilla
Huevos Rancheros$14.00
Authentic Mexican Sundae with Chorizo$16.50
Ranchera Steak$18.50
Chilaquiles with Chorizo$16.50
Los Compas Chorizo Scramble$16.50
Rodolfo’s Quesadilla flour$16.50
Cafe SkilletsIncludes: Eggs any style, Red Potatoes or Grated Hash Browns and Toast
110 Café SkilletScrambled ham, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.$15.75
119 Southern SkilletScrambled Linguica with mushrooms, diced onions, tomatoes, jalapeño, and jack cheese.$15.75
123 Westcoast SkilletScrambled salmon, avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, and jack cheese$17.50
133 Sierra SkilletScrambled bell pepper, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and jack cheese.$15.75
213 Border SkilletScrambled chorizo, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, pepper and jack cheese.$15.75
210 Shoreline SkilletScrambled ground beef, sliced avocado, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jack cheese.$15.75
214 Charleston SkilletScrambled ground beef, spinach, mushroom, onions, and jack cheese.$15.75
215 Funhouse HangoverScrambled bacon, chorizo, avocado, bell pepper, onions, jalapeño, and jack cheese.$17.50
Bajis’ Hash Browns Breakfast
Country cut red potatoes, choice of bacon, ham, linguica or chorizo, sautéed onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, topped with cheddar cheese and toast.$11.00
BREAKFAST SPECIALS (Pancakes, Waffles, Cereals)
Specials, Pancakes, Waffles, Cereals)
13 Café Country Scramble with GravyBiscuits, eggs & bacon or link sausages. $14.25
With Country Red Potatoes$15.25
14 Fried Chicken & Waffles with Honey$14.50
With Eggs$16.00
15 Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs on Muffin with Ham, Hollandaise sauce and Country Red Potatoes. Also available in vegetarian with Spinach, Tomatoes and Avocado.
16 2 Poached Eggs and Toast$9.50
With half grapefruit, add$3.25
17 Egg Sandwich with cheese and bacon, ham, beef patty or linguica$11.25
117 Breakfast BurritoBacon, ham, beef patty, linguica or chorizo with cheese served in a tortilla with country red potatoes & mild salsa. $11.25
Hot Off the Griddle
18 Ranch Style French ToastThick sliced bread dipped in milk, eggs and cinnamon.$11.00
With bacon, ham, or link sausage$15.00
19 French Toast (Slammer)Thick sliced bread dipped in milk, eggs and cinnamon. Served with eggs & choice of bacon, ham, or link sausage. $16.75
20 Small Biscuits and Gravy w/ 2 eggs$11.00
120 Large Biscuits and Gravy w/ 2 eggs$12.00
21 Buttermilk Pancakes or Buckwheat (3)$11.00
(Short stack -2)$8.25
22 3 Pancake BreakfastWith 2 eggs and bacon, ham, or link sausage$18.00
23 2 Pancakes, 2 EggsWith bacon, ham or links$13.50
24 Fruit Pancakes, short stack (2)Banana, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip or pecans.$12.00
Regular Stack (3)$13.00
28 Bajis Pancakes Special2 buckwheat pancakes with Pecans and Bananas$11.25
29 2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs$11.50
25 Waffle or Pancake$6.75
26 2 Waffles$12.00
27 Waffle with 2 Eggs$11.50
125 Waffle and Pancake with 2 Eggs$13.25
(With bacon, ham or links)$17.25
126 2 Waffles with 2 Eggs$14.75
(With bacon, ham or links)$18.75
127 Waffle with 2 Eggs, with bacon, ham or links$14.75
Side Orders
1 Egg$3.00
2 Eggs$5.50
Country Red Potatoes or Grated Hash Browns$4.25
Bacon, Ham or Link Sausage $7.50
(1/2 order)$4.00
Corned Beef Hash, Burger Patty, LA Hot/Chorizo$7.25
Italian, Polish, Kielbasa or Country Sausage$7.25
Rib-Eye Steak, 8oz$14.00
Chicken Fried Steak$9.75
Country Gravy$2.00
Sliced Tomatoes$2.00
2 Biscuits and Gravy$7.25
3 Biscuits and Gravy$8.75
Chilled Half Grapefruit$3.25
Fresh Fruit (in season) Large$7.00
Fresh Fruit (in season) Small$4.75
Cereals & Bread
Assorted Cold CerealsSingle$5.25
Assorted Cold CerealsDouble$7.25
With strawberries or sliced bananas, add$3.25
Hot OatmealSingle$5.25
Hot OatmealDouble$7.25
English Muffin$3.75
Bagel with cream cheese$4.50
Toast or Biscuits & Jelly$3.75
Early Bird Special6am-9am Monday-Friday
Select From:
French Toast
Waffle and Eggs
Pancakes and Eggs
Biscuits Gravy and Eggs
Country Cut Red Potatoes, Eggs & Toast

Soups & Salads
Soup of the daySmall$6.50
Soup of the dayLarge$8.25
With French bread, add$1.25
Soup and Salad$13.00
Homemade ChiliSmall$7.50
Homemade ChiliLarge$9.50
Homemade Chili (With onions, cheese, & French bread)$12.00
Chili and Salad$13.50
Bajis’ Salads
31 Tossed Green/Caesar Salad$8.25
With Chicken$14.25
32 Café Farmers Salad Roasted Mixed Green (add Chicken: 5.45)Bell pepper, zucchini, portabella mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, blue cheese and garlic croûtons.$13.75
Add Chicken$19.75
33 Big Fat Greek Salad (add Chicken: 5.45)Romaine hearts, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, kalamata olives, feta cheese, green onions, red onions mixed with lemon-olive oil dressing.$13.75
Add Chicken$19.75
34 California’s ScoopMixed greens, scoop of chicken or tuna salad, tomatoes, avocado and egg.$14.50
35 Café Hardy SaladMixed greens, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, bell pepper,carrots, blue cheese and topped with candied walnuts.$14.50
36 Café Cobb SaladHam, turkey sliced eggs, avocado, bacon crumbled blue cheese, sliced tomatoes on a bed of m1xed greens.$15.25
37 Café Chef SaladTurkey, ham, cheese, sliced egg and tomatoes on a bed of mixed greens.$14.50
38 Bajis Cafe SaladChicken, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, fries & croûtons mixed together on a bed of greens, Italian dressing.$14.50
39 Cindy’s Favorite SaladSliced chicken breasts with pasta salad, sliced eggs, tomatoes on a bed of greens served with Honey Dijon Mustard dressing.$14.50
40 Café CaesarSalad with Sliced Chicken Served with croûtons and Parmesan cheese$14.50
401 Café Maui SaladMixed greens, grilled salmon, avocado, pineapple, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, topped with Gorgonzola cheese and candled walnuts.$15.25
403 Café Southern SaladWith sliced crispy chicken breast, tomatoes, eggs, pasta salad and Ortega chill on a bed of mixed greens.$14.50
404 Manny’s Tex MexGround Beef or Chicken with beans, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and tortilla chips.$14.50
160 Monterey Chicken BreastBreaded chicken breast w/gravy, cole slow, fries and French roll.$16.50
165 Broiled Chicken BreastSautéed mushrooms & onions, cole slow, tomatoes & French roll.$16.50
151 Mesquite SalmonWith cole slow, fries, tartar sauce & French roll.$17.25
156 Chicken Fried SteakWith country gravy, fries, cole slow & French roll.$16.50
167 Rib-Eye SteakWith cole slow, fries & French roll.$18.25

Café Burgers
(All burgers are Certified Angus Beef)
41 Café Burger$11.75
42 Cheeseburger$13.00
44 Double Cheese Burger (1/4 lb)$14.50
45 Bacon Cheese Burger w/BBQ sauce$14.50
46 Mushroom Cheese Burger$14.25
47 Avocado Cheese Burger$14.50
49 Grilled Onion Cheese Burger$14.50
50 Pineapple Cheese Burger$14.50
51 Developer Cheese BurgerWith bacon, mushrooms, onions and avocado.$18.00
53 Chili Burger with CheeseWith diced onions, lettuce, and fries.$15.50
54 Haddy BurgerFilet of Fish on a bun with pickles, tartar sauce and fries.$14.50
55 Jalapeño Cheese Burger$14.50
56 Blue Cheese Burger$14.50
57 Garden Burger (vegetarian)With Jack Cheese and tabbouleh or fries.$14.50
60 K.O. BurgerWith sautéed onions, mushrooms, jack cheese.$15.75
52 Cheeseburger with Egg$15.50
152 3B’s Cheeseburger with Bacon & Egg$17.25
Sausage Sandwiches
Served on a French Roll with Fries or choice of Potato Salad or Pasta with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. Cheese: add 1.75
84 Polish$12.75
85 Kielbasa$12.75
101 Italian$12.75
237 Linguica$12.75
280 LA. Hot$12.75
680 Chicken Apple$12.75
Extras on Burgers & Sausage Sandwiches
Blue Cheese$2.00
Garden Burger$6.25
Fried Jalapeño$1.50
Grilled Onions$1.50
Extra Cheese$1.75
Ortega Chili$1.50

Please specify bread if not noted: white, whole wheat, light rye, whole grain, sliced sourdough, or French roll.
All orders include your choice of fries, potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, cottage cheese or potato chips.
To substitute a salad or soup with meal - add $3.50
61 Grilled Cheese$9.75
62 Grilled Bacon or Ham & Cheese$12.75
63 Tuna or Chicken Salad Melt (On Rye)$13.75
64 Patty MeltBeef patty with cheese & grilled onions on rye.$13.75
65* Broiled Chicken Breast (French Roll)$14.75
66 ReubenSliced corned beef & sauerkraut, grilled w/ Swiss on rye.$14.75
67* Rib-Eye Steak (French Roll)$18.50
68* Teriyaki Chicken Breast (French Roll)$14.75
69* Catalina Chicken (French Roll)With bacon & Swiss cheese.$16.00
70* Lemon Herb Chicken Breast (French Roll)$14.75
71 Turkey Melt (on Rye w/Avocado)$14.75
94* Pesto Broiled Chicken (French Roll)With Pesto & bacon.$14.75
95* Cajun Style Chicken Breast (French Roll)$14.75
72* Deviled Egg$11.50
73* Tuna Salad$11.75
74* Chicken Salad$11.75
75* Danish Ham$12.75
76* Turkey$12.75
76* TurkeyWith Jack Cheese$14.00
77* B.L.T. (Toast)$12.75
77* B.L.T. (Toast)With Avocado$14.50
79* Vegetarian Sandwich$12.00
82* Club House (Toast)$14.75
82* Club House (Toast)With Avocado$16.25
83* Turkey and Avocado (Toast)$14.75
92* Roast Beef with Jack Cheese (French Roll)$14.75
93* Cafe Combo (Toast)With ham, bacon, avocado and cheese.$15.50
Garlic or Cajun Fries$2.00
Onion Rings$3.50
Jack or Cheddar$2.00
Fruit instead$2.50
Café Super Sandwiches
80 Philly Cheese Sandwich (Beef or Chicken)With grilled onions, jack cheese, mayo on a French roll with fries.$15.75
81 Hot Ham SandwichGrilled shredded ham with melted jack cheese, mayo, tomatoes on a French roll with fries.$14.75
90 Hot PastramiWith melted jack cheese, mayo on a French roll with fries.$14.75
91 French DipSliced beef on a French roll with au jus with fries.$14.75
191 K.O. ChickenTopped with sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and melted Jack cheese on a French roll with fries.$16.00
188 Eggplant SandwichWith feta cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, grilled onions and hummus spread on whole grain toast.$12.00
288 Grilled Marinated Portabella MushroomWith feta cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, grilled onions and hummus spread on whole grain toast.$12.00
Breaded Jalapeño Peppers$10.00
BBQ Chicken Wings w/Ranch Dip$10.00
Breaded Fried Zucchini$10.00
Breaded Fried Cheese Sticks$10.00
Cajun Spicy Fries w/ cheese$10.00
Chili Fries w/ cheese$10.00
Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Strips$10.00
Side Orders
Cajun Fries$6.25
Garlic Fries$6.50
Onion Rings$6.50
Pasta Salad, small$4.50
Pasta Salad, large$6.25
Potato Salad, sm$4.50
Potato Salad, lg$6.25
Cottage Cheese, sm$4.50
Cottage Cheese, lg$6.25
Cole Slaw, sm$4.50
Cole Slaw, lg$6.25

Kids Breakfast
1 Cereal and Milk$6.25
2 Bacon, one Egg and Toast$7.50
3 Sausage, one Egg and Toast$7.50
4 Toast, one Egg and Potatoes$7.50
5 Waffle, one Egg and one Bacon$7.50
6 French Toast and Sausage or Bacon$7.50
7 One Pancake, one Egg and one Bacon$7.50
Kids Lunch
1 Chicken Strips$8.00
2 1/4 lb. Burger$8.00
3 Half Tuna Salad Sandwich$8.00
4 Half Chicken Salad Sandwich$8.00
5 Half Grilled Cheese Sandwich$7.50
6 Half Ham and Cheese Sandwich$8.00
7 Half Bacon and Cheese Sandwich$8.00
Kids Drinks
Milk, sm$3.00
Milk, lg$3.50
Chocolate Milk, sm$3.25
Chocolate Milk, lg$3.75
Soft Drinks$2.50
Orange Juice$4.00
Apple or Cranberry Juice$3.25
Milk ShakeChocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Mocha$5.25

Cold Drinks
Soft Drinks BottomlessCoke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer3.95
Arnold Palmer Bottomless3.95
Lemonade Bottomless3.95
Ice Tea Bottomless3.95
Old Fashioned CokeCherry, Vanilla or Chocolate3.95
Soft Drinks (to go), med2.75
Soft Drinks (to go), lg3.25
Fruits & Juices
Chilled Half Grapefruit3.25
Fresh Fruit (in season), sm 4.50
Fresh Fruit (in season) , lg6.70
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, sm4.25
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, lg5.25
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, super9.75
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, pitcher19.95
Glass of Juice or Milk, sm3.75
Glass of Juice or Milk, lg4.25
Glass of Juice or Milk, super8.75
Floats, Shakes & Smoothies
Coke Float5.75
Root Beer Float5.75
Dr. Pepper Float5.75
98 Our Famous Bajis SmoothieBlueberry, Banana, Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Honeydew or Pineapple (Fruits in season). Choose up to three flavors, blended with orange juice.6.75
99 Our Famous Bajis Shake!Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Mocha.6.95
Coffee Cake4.50
Coffee Cake - A La Mode8.75
Ice Cream4.50
Ice Cream Sundae9.00
Caffè Latte4.95
Vanilla Latte5.50
Caramel Latte5.50
Caffè Mocha5.50
Espresso (2 shots)4.50
String & Tag Tea bag4.00
Café au Lait3.50
Hot Cocoa4.25
Iced Coffee4.25
Iced Tea To Go3.75
Bottomless cup-dinning in4.25
Iced Latte5.25
Iced Vanilla Latte6.00
Iced Caramel Latte6.00
Iced Mocha6.00
Coffee of the Day To Go3.25
Bottomless cup-dinning in4.25
Refill Coffee to Go1.75
Café au Lait3.50
Hot Cocoa4.25
Domestic Beers
Small (12 oz)5.25
Large (24 oz)8.75
Pitcher (48 oz)17.00
Premium and Imported Beers
Small (12 oz)6.25
Large (24 oz)10.50
Pitcher (48 oz)18.50
Bloody Mary8.50
Pitcher Mimosa40.00
Wine & Champagne
Cabernet Sauvignon7.75

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